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Prevail Union

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Prevail Union is a passion and a lifestyle for it’s founders, owners and husband and wife duo, Wade and Megan. They love the culture of Auburn, coffee and creating an experience that values everyone who walks in the door. We have been initiated into the coffee club and love being a part and helping create […]

Salt Nashville

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SALT Nashville is an inspiring creative conference. We were honored to be asked to help design their theme for this year, “Unique,” design elements and their site. Attendees at SALT experience speakers and resources in a wide range of disciplines in creative fields that they can apply to their work and community.

Interview Video with musician, Ryan Horne

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Our friend and musician, Ryan Horne, just released a new album (his 8th), called Vanilla Lightning. It is an unusual title and he is a unique character on his own, so we wanted to sit down and chat with him for a bit about his music, recording a new album, touring, and yes, the name. […]

Life-Sized Phoenix

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Since we designed the Phoenix mascot for The Schenck School in 2012 we have wanted to see it come to life in grand scale. The Phoenix has been hugely well adopted by The School and so when we were able to secure the right space we let the bird fly. We were able to take […]

Fox Theatre Institute Tour

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When the Fox Theatre Institute began the Theatre Revival Tour in 2013 and asked us to help design the look and the campaign we were very excited. Anything with the Fox name on it is of important cultural significance to Atlanta and to Georgia. 2013 was a great success and 2014 brought more opportunities to […]

Armstrong Lambert Associates Legacy

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The commercial real estate firm, Armstrong Lambert Associates, has a powerful story to tell. The two principal partners, Brent Armstrong and Gerald Lambert, each have 30+ years of success in commercial real estate. That combined 60+ years of experience is a powerful asset. They have joined forces in order to help build a team of […]

Our New Site is Live

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Just like the construction contractor’s house is often the home that needs the most work, so our site has been the sad, run down shack rather than the dream house we wanted it to be. We finally bit the bullet and forced ourselves to get it to an acceptable point for us to take live. […]

KidStuf Title Packs

Kidstuf Title Sequences

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Eat That Fruit Cake from Brenton Smith on Vimeo. Crowd Soccer from Brenton Smith on Vimeo. Set My Table from Brenton Smith on Vimeo. FotoFinish Animation from Brenton Smith on Vimeo. Doors of Doom Title from Brenton Smith on Vimeo. Themed Game Titles-Sumo+Karate from Brenton Smith on Vimeo. Lasagna Chop Game from Brenton Smith on […]

The Wide Guide ebook

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We were approached by our friend, Luke McElroy, about helping him design and build an ebook that we had written. The concept sounded amazing and considering our experience in live production and producing content for live productions we were excited to help a resource like this come to life. Through the process, Luke asked us […]

Trip Lee Concert Visuals 2013

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Once again, we had the privilege of creating some concert visuals for Trip Lee. His music is so powerful and filled with rich energy that it demands kinetic visuals. We had a blast creating new ideas and working with Trip to continue to try new things to push the range of the imagery of his […]

Project Management Review

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Over the years, we have used many project management systems, some that were web-based and some that were network or local server-based. I have enjoyed aspects of each and begrudged many as well. For the past two years we have been using TeamWorkPM.net. It had a competitive array or features at the time and they […]

Tedashii Bravo

Tedashii Concert Visuals 2013

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Bravo Bravo from Brenton Smith on Vimeo. You Know What It Is You Know What It Is from Brenton Smith on Vimeo. Go Hard Go Hard from Brenton Smith on Vimeo. I’m A Believer I’m A Believer from Brenton Smith on Vimeo. Riot Riot from Brenton Smith on Vimeo.

Commerce Science

Commerce Science promo

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Commerce Science is a leading provider of Internet based e-commerce solutions. This animation is a narrative that tells how their systems work and how they can help clients expand and reach new markets. Music by Cameron Ernst The Music Bed.com Commerce Science Promo from Brenton Smith on Vimeo.

Our Requests to Apple for iOS 7

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Dear Apple: I really feel that it is time for a major overhaul of the iOS UI. I have owned every iPhone with the exception of the current iPhone 5 (because AT&T is ridiculous) and I have loved them all. However, the smartphone world that Apple pioneered has become very crowded with competitors who are […]

Trip Lee Live 2012

Trip Lee 2012 Concert Visuals

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Trip Lee is an amazing rap artist and his live shows are supercharged experiences of sound, light, visuals and his engaging presence. He asked us to concept some visuals for his Fall 2012 tour. It has been an inspiring and fun process where we dove into his music and dreamed up visuals that connected with […]